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or anywhere in the united states and all they need is a computer and an internet connection with an auto dialer company and the auto dialer company then has a connection to carriers and the telephone network or. the auto dialer -- the lead generator is just trying to find people for these products or services for these rachel calls so they are just going to blast out calls. some of these lead generators are calling the phone book and going sequentially through numbers and looking for bodies a lot like e-mail spam because the costs are so much low for now. the startup costs are lower, almost zero as brett mentioned earlier. you can get dialing in a few hours and you don't need a pbx. you don't need lots of copper line and he don't even need a phone. you just need your computer and internet connection, so they will send out these calls going through an auto dialer which will put them into the telephone network and they will go out all over the country. and a very small percentage of people and up answering them in listening to the message and the message will be like one you may have heard
to accept the right of a sovereign state, a member of the united nations as a viable state, a state which is legitimate, is unacceptable from any point of view. from any aspect and angle whatsoever. we cannot accept the iranians will be allowed to legitimize another state whatever it is. and certainly not from our point of view not israel. they will have swallow two bitter pills not one. one pill will be the pill of the threat nuclear threat and the other will be the threat of accepting israel right to exist. despite the rhetoric we are hearing from teheran, i believe that many iranians in places of power understand that israel is here to stay. they realize that israel not going disappear as it will not disappear. and therefore, they will have to come terms with this reality. and these two elements means to say in order to achieve the aim, you have to find ways of giving them what did i say a few minutes ago? to resort to the use of dignity. it's a different good thing to do. it's very difficult. i'm not saying it's going to be easy. i think it's something we have to do. because we have t
in the united states. but then on wednesday, i saw a thing where bain capital closing down its plant in illinois. ann romney is a reserved shareholder of the bain capital. how is the -- and romney is a reserved shareholder and bain capital. host: let us limit tomorrow humor. this is from last night. instead of a being from the al smith dinner, an appearance by president obama on comedy central's the daily show with john stuart. [video clip] >> how many times a week does he show up in a wet bathing suit to a meeting? >> we had to stop it. we have to put tiles down. but i have to say, he looks pretty good. >host: that is president obama n comedy central with jon storage. he also made comments about libya. we will look at where the candidates stand on foreign policy, foreign affairs and campaign 2012. for now, we are looking at humor. and what role you think plays. does it help or the track to the image you have of him? kentucky, on our line for independents. caller: my comment is but i do not really care for it. i think it just cheapens the issues. they are very serious to people out your sufferin
on earth is he not in custody? >> that's the responsibility of the libyan authorities. the united states does not have any capacity to arrest people or act as a police force. the libyan force is sovereign. the problem is libya after gadhafi does not have a strong national police force or army. it's replete with militias. that's the environment in which our diplomats have to work and protect themselves in tripoli as well other places. >> mr. ambassador, are you telling me these new libyans in control are akin to keystone cops or are you telling me these libyans don't give a damn what we want? >> i didn't say either of those things. the libyan authorities are quite friendly with the united states. they had free and fair elections last summer, a moderate group of people were elected. the problem is in libya, as well as egypt and tunisia, these moderate governments are being assaulted by much more radical forces, some of them armed. i do think you ought to focus your attention now on the libyan authorities and what they need to do to bring these killers to justice. >> i don't understand this
. we want your thoughts. take to twitter and facebook. a man in the united states on a student visa charged with plotting to blow up a new york building. an act where men, women and children would have been killed. was it too easy to get into the country? an accidental move by google that caused a massive shockwave today. ahhhh drill sound chirping electric shaver shaking remote tapping sound shaking drill chirping tapping shaking remote wouldn't it be great to have one less battery to worry about? car honking irping the 2012 sonata hybrid. the only hybrid with a lifetime hybrid battery warranty. from hyundai. everyone in the nicu, all the nurses wanted to watch him when he was there 118 days. everything that you thought was important to you changes in light of having a child that needs you every moment. i wouldn't trade him for the world. who matters most to you says the most about you. massmutual is owned by our policyholders so they matter most to us. if you're caring for a child with special needs, our innovative special care program offers strategies that can help. to meet the
that the main suspect in last year's iranian plot to assassinate the saudi ambassador to the united states pled guilty in a u.s. court yesterday. what does this maybe say about what the iranian government is willing to do? >> well, it did not need this particular case in order to prove once again that the iranians have been involved in terrorist activities against persons, against states, against countries for a long period of time. iran uses terrorism as a major tool of its international relations. it is as simple as all that. iran has plotted against others as well, individuals as well, and has also been shipping arms and equipment into areas inside the middle east. syria is one case now in point. there is an iranian force -- iranian forces are battling on syrian soil against syrians. there are iranians that have been in lebanon for quite some time and who have been handling equipment in lebanon, which has been of a great danger to israel. iran has used the state of sudan as an area through which they could send equipment through sudan to egypt to send that into the gaza strip. as i said, the
is not fixed then it is time we change presidents and elect mitt romney the next president of the united states. tonight the forecast is that the president will win 287 electoral college votes. ari, the national polls are different on who has what lead by how much. but it is the battleground states. that lead is impressive. and there is a sizable lead in ohio and i'm aware of what you nailed in your rewrite the other night. >> tell me. >> what should these undecided voters have so much power? >> there is a funny thing happening. it is moving to a mobilization model. and what we are seeing now is, and we are seeing mobilization mez sages to the base. they are saying you have to get people excited. we are seeing a bullish attitude. and they don't need to focus as much on persuading. they are kicking into a gotv mode now. >> let's take a look at something put out today. new video with sara silverman which is about getting out the vote. >> in college mitt romney was so poor at harvard he had to sell stocks to get by. did you have to sell stocks to get by in college liz? >> no, i sold plasma in coll
for president of the united states. >> today in a "democracy now!" special, we look at the life and legacy of senator george mcgovern, best known for running against president richard nixon and an anti-4 platform. >> as one whose heart has eight for the past 10 years of the agony of vietnam, i will hold the senseless bombing on and our role day. >> as a family spokesperson confirms senator mcgovern is in hospice care, unresponsive and there in the end of his life, we will play extended excerpts of the documentary "one bright shining moment: the forgotten summer of george mcgovern." it traces his historic campaigne presidency. >> that is the highlight of my life, i guess, winning the democratic nomination of the oldest political party in american history. i remember excited faces, people laughing and talking, some weeping. there was a lot of emotion and passion in that campaign. and i will take those memories with me the rest of my life. >> all of that and more coming up. this is "democracy now!,", the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. we're on the road in sacramento,
extremist charged with plotting to blow up manhattan building came to the united states on a student visa. tonight, an outfront investigation on how easy it is to get one of those. let's go "outfront." >>> good evening, everyone. i'm erin burnett. "outfront" tonight, a shocking new poll. women in the swing states in this country rank abortion as their number one issue in this election. gallup asked female voters an open-ended question. literally this, name the most important issue in 2012, and tops the list was abortion with 39% of the women responding. 19% said jobs and then you can see health care, economy and equal rights. during the biggest economic crisis of this generation, in fact of the past few generations, the biggest issue to 39% is abortion. so far this year we've seen almost every poll rate the economy and jobs as the top concern for all voters. we said let's look at recent polls and what they said. we found this. pew gave women a list of issues and said which are very important to your vote. 54% was abortion. granted, that's not as high as the 89% that said the economy or t
nationalized the islands. chinese officials have criticized japan and the united states for planning a joint exercise next month. personnel will take part in the scenario in which they will t to recapture islands. defense forces soy they have scrambled more jets. pilots have given out an increasing number of warnings from planes from china. >> reporter: the aircraft took tohe skies 209 times between april and september to warn foreign aircraft of possible air space violations. chinese aircraft was warned 69 times. 80% of those warnings happened in july and september. chinese jetssually cross the air defense identification zone and would approach an area 200 kilometers north of the island before hitting back. ministry officials are trying to figure out why. >> translator: we have monitored chinese naval no, sforces in re years. we must keep collecting information on aircraft and vessels in the region. we must also car out our mission precisely. >> reporter: in march of last year two chinese navy ya aircraft flew within 60 kilomete kilometers. they came close but didn't enter japanese air spac
there is a tremendous amount of capital flowing into the united states. and $90 billion may seem like little to you, and i am impressed it seems like little, but i have tried to cut it out of the social welfare spending. >> i agree with you. >> if you start to constrict investment into the united states. >> we are not going to. >> well you certainly will. >> we had it during the 40s, i have the ifs, early 70s -- >> but we are in a competitive world. >> we had huge amounts of capital. >> i am an investor and i have a portfolio. if capital gains goes to 25, 30%, i am no not going to invest. i will buy municipal bonds. >> no, you would earn municipal bonds at 2 or 3%. capital gains even if you are in the index funds you are likely to get 7, 8, 9%. you give away a third in tax and you are doubling it. >> the numbers are meaningful though. take a step back. if you were to actually tax a dollar made in the stock market or a dollar made with your real estate the same way a dollar made in a factory, the government would raise $250 billion a year over the course of 10 years. that's $2.5 trillion. that's thr
capital was allocated. the united states thought it out years ago to the extent we had anything and gradually developed the leverage ratio. and with much fighting, tleverae ratio was kept in the united states with bassle one and two at a quite low level. the feeling in the united states, i think i can say, is yes, you ought to have a leverage ratio and it ought to be higher than what they're talking about in bassle, significantly higher than what they're talking about in bassle. but i don't know whether that will ever be agreed in bassle but yes, i think that may be more important than the risk-based standard. i mean this is the way you get at the fact that some important risks are not covered at all by bassle. now the difficulty with it is, is we used to have it that way. they said okay, we got one capital standard for the whole bank we're not going to buy -- in american terms we're not going to buy government securities anymore because we just want to hold things that are more profitable. we don't want to allocate 5% capital against government securities. and whatever you're d
they are candidates for the united states senate are going to do when they get elected and whether or not they are going to have seniors to bear the burden of saving social security or whether we're going to s. those who have done very well by this economy. linda mcmahon is right. she's refused to tell people what she would do about social security when she's been out in public on the campaign trail. but she has told people what she is in favor of doing when she didn't think the cameras were on, when she was speaking before a tea party group, she said, and i quote, i believe in subset provisions would pass this legislation. you can take a look at 10 or 15 years down the road. i disagree with that. i don't think we should play games of nick and barbara social security checks. we should fix the problem, but not put our senior social security paychecks at risk in doing it. i think we have an obligation of candidates for the senate to tell people what we're going to do. she said she's going to get demagogues. but the way of saying she's going to lose votes. you might lose votes if you
full duty as citizens. god bless you, your family, and the united states of america. thank you very much. [applause] >> we come to the main event. [laughter] we turn to our host for closery remarks and benediction. ladies and gentlemen, the arch bishop of new york. [applause] >> it does traditionally fall to the host of this evening to call it tonight. -- call it a night. thank you everybody for your gracious company this beautiful evening. what a unique honor to welcome and thank president obama and governor and mrs. romney. [applause] our two candidates claim both of your parties, the republicans and democrats, are tents, containing extraordinary perverse, even contrary an opposite groups. you two do not have anything over the catholic church. we have both biden and ryan. [laughter] governor romney, thank you i was hoping the republican didate might be governor christie. i would have looked a lot better sitting next to him. mr. president, i trust you will be able to report to mrs. obama that i ate my vegetables and salads. if she had been first lady when i was growing up in the '
for the election of united states senators by united states legislature. we got rid of that in 1913 with the 17th amendment. it worked pretty well. most citizens today would find it bizarre not to be able to directly elect their senators. it is even more important to do that in terms of electing a president. i think we got it in reverse. at the 17th amendment was correct. what we should have started as to whether direct election of the president. represent all of america. host: falls church, virginia. on our line for republicans. caller: i happen to agree with the senator. i think the electoral college gives protection to the modern state. i hear your point, too. and there's a concern there. one. have always had, and i never hear anyone talk about this. has there ever any been studies or thoughts about -- i do not know about doing it by county, if you have a state like florida were different counties but different ways, at least your vote doesn't get completely thrown out. and maybe there is more fairer presentation that way. he could speak to that i would appreciate that. host: she was talking a
the daily show. >> >> the guest president of united states barack obama is on the film the new star of here comes the boom. listen, the election is in three weeks and in key emerging demographic this time around are a group. i hope i'm pronouncing this right, women. they have concerns. >> there were a lot of women. abortion, contraception, women's pay as i mentioned -- some might argue was obvious pa obvious pa women >> jon: to discuss issues they think about? but not that it mattered anyway because apparently during the debate the ladies had already left the building. >> it was just too much to talk like two roosters going at each other. it can turn off women. >> one thing women voters don't like is an a bully. >> a turn-off for women. >> i'm not sure they'll be turned on by this debate. >> lots of women turn off. >> i'm wondering if suburban women were turned off. [laughter] >> jon: not that that's a bad thing because as far as i can tell they've been a little hopped up on this thing. [laughter] way too long. for on women's reaction i'm joined by senior debate analyst, samantha be
romney's son, tag, wants to take a swing at the president of the united states. the disrespect keeps coming. tonight we'll show you who should really be in a fighting mood. this is "the ed show." let's get to work. >> what is it like for you to hear the president of the united states call your dad a liar? >> well, jump out of your seat, you want to rush down the debate stage and take a swing at him. >> the romney campaign is laughing those comments off. the president continues to hammer his opponent. >> he took another swing at it and he whiffed. >> tonight, michael eric dyson on the poor excuses for tagg romney's joke. >>> they brought us binders full of women. >> team romney tries to turn the page with women voters, but will it work? >> he totally gets working women. >>> the plutocrats continue to strong arm their employees to vote against their best interests. we'll play you the mitt romney tape. >> nothing illegal about you talking to your employees about what you believe is best for the business. >>> the conservative meltdown over candy crowley may never end. >> he did, in fact,
the whole united states and in front of the company could tell, i was listening to him speak about san francisco. he said, "i traveled to every city in the united states, and i was disappointed with what i saw. there was not one city that i liked, but as far as i'm concerned, san francisco is so beautiful that i would like to design 15 cities in russia that look like san francisco." [laughter] and he was right. [applause] my wonderful wife, my family is here. i'm thrilled. thank you very much. i must say -- excuse me, i have to mention one thing. i have never seen anything in my life as beautiful as these young people. [applause] you stand so beautiful. [applause] -- you sang so beautiful. [applause] >> it is tony bennett day in san francisco. [applause] just fantastic. now, before we leave here today, just one more time, let's hear that special song one more time, now performed by the talented san francisco gay men's chorus, who will be joined by -- yes -- who will be joined by all of our performers here today and then all of you. you can sing along by following the lyrics on the scre
place, in many ways in which the united states can't be expected, no u.s. president could be expected to solve and resolve everything. the blood shed in syria makes all of us shudder. that doesn't mean there is a u.s. policy option that will bring it to an end or even reduce it and most of the options i see in terms of trying to do more would exacerbate it. the full only other thing i can say as your question implies it is not just the u.s. but the other players in the region and with regard to the iranian issue as it -- as jocelyne said the same thing applied to syria. we should continue to work closely with our syrian allies, with the jordanians, jordan and iraq and syria, jordan iraq and turkey all have 100,000 refugees each in their countries at least. we can't do it all ourselves and our wish i could give you an ideal scenario but this isn't one. >> can i ask you? you were talking about it. how did the saudis and others view the possibility of militant extremists coming to the fore in syria. having to fight militant extremists at home and do a good job of it, but what if the mone
the president of the united states needs to offer solutions to the problem of americans being murdered abroad instead of saying broadly he will clean up the mess. >>> on the comedy show there are screw ups then you fix them. he didn't talk about responsibility. the responsibility is his. >> a libyan is one of a handful of men now suspected of commanding the deadly raid on benghazi. we don't know if he is a ringleader but we are told he is on the short list. >>> peter doocy live in washington, thank you. >>> when exactly the president and his administration knew about the attack. al potential bombshell on his show last night. >> new information may come today to prove the state department knew within two hours this was a terror attack. >> there are still unanswered questions including why did the u.n. ambassador and tell the american people something that turns out not to be true. who told her to say that? i know what press is like for a sunday show. someone specifically said to say that and turns out at the knew it wasn't true. if they put all of them in different rooms interrogated all of th
and friend. god bless you all. god bless the united states of america. thank you. >> you see them shaking hands, the president and the governor. the president of the united states is going to be introduced now. he is about to go and deliver his lines. mitt romney spoke for about ten minutes, had a few good one-liners, got the crowd going, poked a little fun at himself. poked some fun at the president. it goes as part of the territory, as part of this dinner tonight. gloria borger is here. give us a little sense. what did you think, gloria? >> i thought he was funny. i thought by his delivery, you can tell he is not exactly a stand-up come miss ic by profes. he poked a lot of fun at obama, not as much fun as himself, although he did talk about big bird not seeing it coming. >> hold on, gloria. >> here is the president. >> let's listen in. he is getting a standing ovation as mitt romney received as well. >> thank you. thank you so much. thank you. everyone, please take your seats. otherwise, clint eastwood will yell at them. thank you to al and nan, your imminence, governor, mrs. romney, go
dinner, we are told. let me just let our viewers in the united states and around the world what these 1600 people have eaten. some poached lobster tail, rosemary-sauced rack of lamb with risotto. baby zucchini, a confit tomato and for dessert, dark chocolate fruit cadeau, i don't know and petit fours. >> gloria, help me with those words. >> i took french at one point in my life. >> i think it means present. >> it does. it does. one thing i am reminded of, wolf, is how important presidential joke writers are, candidate joke writers are when you are in a high-profile situation like this. the president is always put on the spot when he has to tell jokes before a comedian. here tonight, both candidates are in a different competition. it will be who can be more self-deprecating, who can be more gracious? at the same time, being funny. these two men, they don't like each other very much. they don't have a long history together. they don't know each other very well. >> john mccain and senator obama knew each other well. they fought quite a bit but did a longer-term relationship. these
for you to hear the president of the united states call your dad a liar? how do you react to that? >> well, jump out of your seat, you want to race down the debate stage and take a swing at him. you know you can't do that, first, because there's a lot of secret service between you and him, but also because this is the nature of the process. >> nature of the process to feel that way. tagg raum mid-omneromney's brot laughed off the remark when asked about it on "the view." >> do you want to slug president obama like your brother said he did? >> that brother has slugged me a couple times. i'm sure president obama has nothing to worry about. i think that's something he was saying off the cuff. i'm sure he didn't mean it. >> the romney campaign made light of tagg romney's comment. andrea saul told "the new york times" he was joking about how frustrating this process can be for the family. oh, they're inconvenience on the campaign trail, aren't they? we've heard nothing from tagg romney. he has no apologieies just like his dad. tagg romney is a not a misbehaving kid speaking out of turn but the
. >> mitt romney openly disrespectful to the president of the united states and the moderator, candy crowley, during the debate. he made his own rules, answered questions when he wanted to. not the ones that he was asked. and mitt romney has shown this type of elitist behavior his entire life. just go ask the people in freeport, illinois. those people didn't get a chance to rush the stage and take a swing at somebody who took their job. they just got fired. they got outsourced. if mitt romney becomes president, we shouldn't expect anything different. he's going to play by his own rules and he isn't going to give a damn about any american out there or what they think. that's how he is. just think about that. let's reverse the roles just a little bit. let's just play with this. let's just say that president obama has a son and president obama's son barack jr. goes on talk radio, maybe with some liberal out there and says, you know, i'd really like to take a swing at my dad's opponent, but i know i can't do it because the secret service is there. tell me, you think bill o'reilly would do anythi
have voted for sanctions starting when i first came to the united states congress on iran. you have your facts wrong. i did, indeed, on two occasions -- >> four. >> you are incorrect. believed that there was a prospect in iran for regime change from within. many of those who look at the region carefully saw that there were hundreds of thousands of pro-democracy protesters who took to the streets and stood up to a ahmadinejad and the ayatollah khomeini. and i felt that very important that we send a message to those people that we wanted them to succeed in regime change from within, especially when we are talking about stakes as high as sending wisconsin young men and women into harm's way, i would sure rather see that regime change happen from with in. you have probably read the same histories i have. they were brutally beaten back by the iranian government. i think we missed an opportunity for regime change there. it so we had to go back to the tactics of crippling sanctions, crippling sanctions. that is where we are right now. i want to add one thing. i was so disturbed after havin
of the women's equality movement in the united states. >> at that time, women were banned from holding property and voting in elections. >> susan b. anthony dedicated her life to reform. >> suffrage in the middle of the 19th century accomplished one goal, it was diametrically opposed to this idea. >> many feared it would be corrupted by politics. >> women in the 19th century had to convince male voters that having the vote would not change anything. that woman would still be devoted to the home, the family, that they would remain pure and innocent, that having the vote would not corrupt them. >> support gradually grew in state and local campaigns. >> leaders like ellen clark sgt come repeatedly stopping these meetings -- , repeatedly stopping these meetings as a politically active figure. doing everything they could to ground the campaign in domesticity. >> despite their efforts, the link made it tough whenever voters were in the big city. a specialist in francisco. >> the problem with san francisco is that women's suffrage as an idea was associated. >> susan b. anthony joined the provision par
that we are still the prime target for terrorism here in the united states. and we know there are threats here. there's insider threat. >> reporter: customs and border protection, they're, on a weekly, monthly basis, catching terror suspects that we never know about? >> they may not put out the press release, but i'm going to tell you that it is a fact, that these things do happen. >> stand up, sir. >> reporter: back on the jet, the angry actor is lead away. pretend pengers deplane past drawn weapons. and the officers in charge cool off and reflect. are you wore ripped you are giving something away by showing us this? >> we still got a lot of secrets in our bag. you know, this is nothing compared to what we can bring on to an organized group of bad guys, whether domestic, international terrorism, whatever, that want to come and wreak havoc. we got something for them. >> put your hands up! >> reporter: here's hoping they never have to prove it. i'm bill weir for "nightline" in miami. >> "airport 24/7" airs tuesday nights on the travel channel. >>> next up, mothers speaking out from a place
to the united states sent on jihad. some of those who know him are expressing disbelief the 21-year-old tried to carry out an attack. federal agents are going over evidence taken from quazi nafis' new york apartment. they are trying to determine if he has any connection to al qaeda. nafis claimed to have ties to the terror group overseas. allegedly telling an undercover agent he was working with another man named yaqueen. sources say yaqueen has been identified as willy carter a san diego man arrested wednesday on child pornography charges. the fbi said he was in contact with yaqueen but doesn't appear to be connected to the bomb plot. nafis's family in bangladesh are stunned by his arrest. his father said he spent his life savings to send his son to school in the united states and his son could not be involved in a terror plot. nafis's sister said her brother is being set up. >> we don't think it could to be done by him. he must have been victimized. because in bangladesh, he was not like this. he was a good boy. >> after flunking out of school in bangladesh, nafis came to the u.s. on a stud
will visit the united states sunday. he's aiming to meet with senior government officials to convey the anger of the okinawan people. >>> a joint chinese navy and air force fleet has conducted an exercise near a disputed group of islands in the east china sea. japan nationalized the senkaku islands last month. china and taiwan claim them as their own. 11 ships and eight aircraft from the navy, fishery administration, and marine surveillance agency took part in the exercise. the drill was based on the scenario that the crew of the patrol boat had fallen overboard and were injured during a skirmish with a foreign vessel. china's state run television station broadcast the exercise live. china's national radio says chinese patrol boats have been harassed by foreign ships around the disputed islands. it says the exercise was named at protecting china's territorial sovereignty and maritime interest through strengthening ties between the navy and other agencies. >>> european leaders have seen banks there crumble one after another. they've agreed at a summit in brussels to create a single supervisor
indeed india, pakistan, lebanon, the united states and mexico. she is the editor of living in america. poetry and fiction by south asian american writers. encounter people of asian decent in the americas her novel, braided tongue was published in 2003. i introduce rashne. >> i'm reading from a selection from a longer narrative. memory is no longer confused. it has a home land. from a farm by the late ali. sometimes the circle breaks and the woman meets the child. face-to-face. each one seeing for the first time her strength in the other. a poem by jenny. [inaudible]. after more than a year of e mails and phone conversations, amy,ling and i met at the university of wisconsin in madison. it was sometime during the mid 1980. calcutta was very hot, said amy. i wondered how our conversation about asian american literature veered to calcutta? calcutta was very hot but i got my first doll there. we spent some time in calcutta when we fled to the united states. the doll didn't look like me blond hair and blue ice bought from calcutta. she comforted me when i remember the sounds of the japane
people in extreme poverty and we have illegal revjees that live here in the united states. so what would be your position on the moral obligation of the mexican government to their citizens to the war on drugs that has been going for the last five years? and i'd like to remember what the counselor of the u.n. on security said about repression which means more violence general rates more violence. so what would be your stand on the war in drugs in mexico? >> i have a feeling you're going to be a good lawyer. >> thank you. >> let me say that the drug issue is a big one in mexico and is becoming a big issue globally. last year there was a global commission on drugs headed by former president of brazil. i was on that commission. and the main point in the report was to decriminalation, not legalation, but deation because of the way laws are a plide. it doesn't work. it's got the prisons filled with lots of young people who come out destroyed for having a half an ounce or whatever. and we should approach it through a health issue rather than a brute al reaction. there is also responsibility on
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